Aquarium / Technician


When using Aquarium, a technicians primarily interacts with protocols, each of which will have their own details.

Aquarium does track which users runs which jobs as a technician, so technicians should login separately rather than using someone else’s login.

Running a Job

A job is scheduled from the manager interface, and results in a screen like this on the Manager Tab:


Clicking on a pending job opens the technician interface for that job. This page has a start button that will start the job.


At this point, the protocol runs and displays instructions on the screen. When done with the instructions on the page, clicking OK at the top of the page will move the protocol to the next screen.


If you jumped ahead before finishing, you can move back with the arrows, or by selecting the protocol steps by clicking the names in the Steps list to the left.

This simple protocol only has one screen, so clicking OK results in the completion page being displayed.

complete run

This page shows the different operations types that the user has previously completed.

Technician Interface Features

ops-list timer uploads-list