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Create an Aquarium Account

The dockerized development server already has an adminstrative user with login neptune and password aquarium. But if you are running Aquarium from source, you will need to create one.

To create the first administrative user run the commands

RAILS_ENV=production rails c
load 'script/init.rb'
make_user "Your Name", "your login", "your password", admin: true

from the aquarium directory.

Adding users in Aquarium

Once you have an account you can create other users by choosing Users in the menu at the top left of the Aquarium page:

choosing users

Then enter the user information and click New User

creating user

This will bring you to the user information page where user contact information should be entered:

new user page

The exclamation points on this page indicate that the user hasn’t provided contact information, and has not agreed to usage terms. The user will need to login separately to agree to the usage terms.

A user must have administrative priviledge to access the protocol development tools. For this, choose Groups from the settings menu, choose the group, and then click add:

add user to group

Also, a user must have an associated budget to run any workflows.

Creating Groups

Changing Passwords

Retiring Users