Eric Klavins, Associate Professor

The Klavins lab develops synthetic living systems, re-engineered organisms, and engineered parts for existing organisms. Our particular emphasis is on designing gene circuits and cell-cell communication systems that enable novel multicellular behaviors in bacteria or yeast. We take an engineering approach to this challenge, and are interested in the whole pathway from modeling and design of new systems to fabrication and testing of new living systems.


6/2015: New paper: Cell-cell communication in yeast using auxin biosynthesis and auxin responsive CRISPR transcription factors. Accepted to ACS Synthetic Biology and currently available on bioxiv.
6/2015: Yaoyu Yang passed his general exam, and Nick Bolten passed his qualifying exam. Congrats!
5/2015: Nick Bolten and his team win first place at "Hack the Commute" with Hackcessible!
8/2014: Klavins lab alum Nils Napp is now an assistant professor at SUNY Buffalo. Congratulations on the new position, Nils!
8/2014: Shelly Jang successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis entitled Parameter-Component Dependency: Identifying the Biological Functions of Interchangeable Genetic Components and is getting ready to start her new job at ATT. Congratulations Shelly!
6/2014: Yeast gets a new hormone!
5/2014: PI Eric Klavins spoke at the 2014 TEDx event, independently organized by UW students.
4/2014: Congratulations to Sunny Rao, who has won an NSF Graduate Fellowship for 2014!!!
3/2014: The Klavins Lab bids farewell to Kevin Oishi, who has successfully defended and is starting a new position at Intellectual Ventures. Good luck Kevin! Come visit us often!

Open Positions

We have positions available for postdoctoral scholars, graduate students, a programmer, a system administrator, and undergraduate assistants. See here for more information.

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