Associate Professor EE, CSE, BIOEN
Biological Design Automation
Multicellular Synthetic Biology
with G. Seelig
Plant Synthetic Biology
Protein Protein Interactions
Evolution in Synthetic Biology
Plant Syn Bio
with Georg Seelig
Hydra Synthetic Biology
Digital Logic
BIOFAB Lab Manager
Visiting Scientist
BIOFAB Lab Manager
Software Engineer
Research Scientist
Research Scientist
Research Assistant
Research Assistant
Research Assistant
Research Assistant
Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Research Assistant
Software Engineer
Research Assistant
Lab Manager now in Medical School
Graduate Student 9 CRISPR/dCas9 NOR Gates
now at Muse Bio
Design Automation
now at Just Biotherapeutics
Graduate Student 9 (Ph.D. 2016) now at Ginkgo Bioworks
Aquarium Technician (2013-2016) now graduated
Graduate Student 8 (Ph.D. 2015) now Postdoc at UW
Undergraduate Researcher (2014-2015) now in the Baker Lab
Aquarium Technician (2014-2015) now doing a medical internship
Graduate Student 7 (Ph.D. 2014) now at Athos
Undergrad Researcher, BIOEN (B.S. 2014) now a grad student at Rice
Graduate Student 6 (Ph.D. 2014) now at Google
Graduate Student 5 (Ph.D. 2012) now a postdoc at UC Berkeley
Postdoc (2010-2013) now at bluebirdbio
Undergrad researcher, BIOEN (B.S. 2013) now at National Instruments
Undergrad researcher, BIOEN (B.S. 2013) now a graduate student at Rice
Graduate Student 4 (Ph.D. 2012) now a project manager at UW
Lab assistant (2010-2012) now at Nanostring
Graduate Student 3 (Ph.D. 2011) now a postdoc at Tufts
Graduate Student 2 (Ph.D. 2011) now a professor at SUNY Buffalo
Lab Assistant (2008-2010) now at Inbios International
Postdoc (2006-2010) now at Teradata
Undergrad Researcher, Physics (c. 2007) now at ExtraHop
Undergraduate Researcher (B.S. 2010) now a graduate student at MIT
Masters Student (M.S. 2009) now at Oculus Rift
Postdoc (2007-2009) now a Professor at University of West Bohemia
Graduate Student 1 (Ph.D. 2008) now at Toyota Research
Undergraduate Researcher, EE (B.S. 2008) now a professor at UW
Undergraduate researcher (B.S. 2008) now at Airbnb