Join the Lab

Interested candidates should contact Prof. Eric Klavins at .

More information about the Klavins lab can be found at

Background Literature

You will be happier in the Klavins Lab if you are very familiar with, or strongly willing to learn, the literature on this list.


Undergrads can get involved in synthetic biology research through DAWGMA - a new team of undergraduate students doing independent research on synthetic biology, advised and mentored by the Klavins lab.

Postdoctoral Scholar

Depending on funding and fit, the Klavins lab occasionally takes on new postdoctoral scholars in synthetic biology. We seek highly motivated, creative, and independent researchers. Postdocs focus on the design and construction of engineered gene networks and synthetic multicellular systems applied to wide range of problems from cell-based diagnostics to biofuel production.

Our interdisciplinary group takes an engineering approach to all aspects of synthetic biology, from exploring the computational expressibility of biological pathways to developing software that controls laboratory processes. The following are projects that have open positions:

We collaborate with plant biologists, evolutionary biologists, computer engineers, and control systems engineers. Candidates with engineering backgrounds should have experience in software engineering, programming language design, system identification, manufacturing, and/or feedback control systems. Candidates with biology backgrounds should have experience in synthetic biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, plant biology, or a similar area. The ideal candidate has experience in both engineering and biology, although this is not required.

Graduate Student Research Assistant

The Klavins lab is always seeking highly motivated, independent graduate students in computer engineering, bioengineering, and biology for a variety of projects ranging from building gene networks that compute to developing an automated research laboratory.