Eric Klavins, Professor

The Klavins lab develops synthetic living systems, re-engineered organisms, and engineered parts for existing organisms. Our particular emphasis is on designing gene circuits and cell-cell communication systems that enable novel multicellular behaviors in bacteria or yeast. We take an engineering approach to this challenge, and are interested in the whole pathway from modeling and design of new systems to fabrication and testing of new living systems.

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5/2019: Yaoyu Yang's paper on an auxin-based bistable switch controlling antibiotic resistance in yeast has been published
4/2018: Arjun Khakhar's paper on hormone responsive CRISPR transcription factors in plants, which he calls HACRs, has been published
10/2017: David Younger's new paper is now up on PNAS: High-throughput characterization of protein–protein interactions by reprogramming yeast mating
6/2017: Our CRISPR/dCas9 paper was publlished in Nature Communications!
4/2017: New Paper on BioXRiv: A pre-zygotic barrier in yeast for engineering protein-protein interactions
11/2016: New Paper on BioXRiv: Synthetic Self-Destructive Altriuism
6/2016: Proud to announce the UW BIOFAB, an Aquarium-Enabled lab that will build your strains for you!
4/2016: Nick and Arjun highlighted in ACS Synthetic Biology and on the cover!
2/2016: Prof. Klavins has been promoted! He is now a Professor and not just an Associate Professor!

Open Positions

We frequently have positions available for postdoctoral scholars, graduate students, staff members, and undergraduate assistants. See here for more information.

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